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Hisense is known for its high-end TVs with great modern features. But sometimes Hisense TV users get no picture on the screen.

What is the reason forHisense TV Blue light on but no picture?

JBL headphones not charging Solved

JBL headphones not charging Solved

This problem can occur due to several factors. If the TV's power cord or wall outlet is damaged, the picture will be distorted. A poor Wi-Fi connection could also be to blame. Often the TV has no picture due to errors in the additional transmission device. The TV's hardware can also cause this problem.

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Don't get excited and panic! I've put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you get your TV repaired.

Continue rolando!

Why is Hisense TV Blue Light ON but no picture?

Hisense TV may stop displaying images for various reasons. All electronic devices, from the TV to thebroken airpod microphonesit may stop working due to software issues.

Check out the factors that can cause the condition of no picture on your TV:

Reason 1: Connection cable problems

One of the main reasons for Hisense TV blue screen is a loose connection. TVs work with different cables. The TV may display a blue screen for a single faulty cable or connector.

The problem could be with the power cable or another input cable. Today many accessories are used with the television. If these devices are not properly connected, they can produce blue light.

Reason 2: WiFi issues

Hisense TV cannot display high quality pictures with weak WiFi signal. Even the screen can turn blue due to WiFi issues.

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Reason 3: Streaming devices don't work

TV performance increases many times over with streaming devices. But these devices can also cause a blue light. These devices have their problems.

Due to problems, TV boxes may stop producing an image. And then the Hisense TV screen may turn blue. You must take the same care when connecting devicesConnecting Rock Band Microphones to PC.

Reason 4: Damaged taillight

Television screens need enough light to create bright images. It gets the right amount of light from the backlight board. If the backlight is turned off, the screen may turn blue.

The backlight check method is very simple. In fact, you can do it yourself.

To check this, turn off all the lights in the room. Do this when the TV screen turns blue. Take a strong flashlight and shine it on the screen.

Try to find out if there is a blurred image in the background. Your Hisense TV's backlight breaks when an image is displayed.

Reason 5: Various issues

Along with all these issues, various issues can also cause blue light. Sometimes your Hisense TV may have a hardware problem. Software-related issues can also prevent the TV from displaying images.

As Hisense TVs are high-end devices, you may not be able to find the problem. You need to contact the service center to detect these problems.

These are all possible causes of the blue light image problem. It's time to solve the problems!

Fixing Hisense TV blue light on but no picture

Fixing Hisense TV is not as difficult asFix the bugs in Turtle Beach.But to fix your TV, you need to know the right steps. I will guide you through the entire process to avoid failures.

Step 1: Turn off Hisense TV and turn it back on

The first thing to do is restart your Hisense TV. This process is also known as turning the TV off and on. A simple reset often resolves many electrical issues.

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To reset the TV, turn it off first. Then disconnect all cables from the TV. Press and release the power button for about 20 seconds. Wait 2 minutes before reconnecting the TV. Turn on the TV and check whether it is fixed or not.

Step 2: Check the socket

The next step is to check the outlet your TV is connected to. If you use a power strip with your TV, remove it. Then connect the TV and see if the blue screen is gone or not.

You can also test other devices on the same socket. Then the output condition can be confirmed. You need to test the stabilizer separately.

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Step 3: Try another outlet

Sometimes electrical devices work strangely. It's not enough to just test the output. Try plugging your TV into a different outlet. This has some advantages.

This step will help identify any issues with the TV's power cord. Any loose connections can also be detected by the other socket.

Step 4 – Reset all additional devices

Streaming device or TV box errors that can lead to a blue screen. The TV screen freezes and no longer displays an image in this state. You can fix this issue by restarting additional devices.

For the reset method, refer to the devices user manual. If you don't have one, follow my instructions.

Disconnect the device from the TV and turn it off. Then remove the plug from the socket.

Press the power button briefly and reconnect all cables. This should reset the additional device. Turn on the TV and check it out.

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Step 5 – Reset your wireless router

A faulty WiFi connection is a common factor in blue screens. You have toFix Wi-Fi problems. The best way to do this is to reset it. Some WiFi have sleep buttons. While others need to be disconnected to restart.

Step 6: Reset Hisense TV

The last thing you need to do to fix your Hisense TV is to reset it. Resetting and restarting are two different things. The TV returns to factory settings when you turn it off.

Access the menu and select the Support option and then the Self-diagnosis option. There you will find the Reset option. Select the Reset option and enter the security code if required. Then the TV starts to restart.

These are all the steps to solve your Hisense TV blue light problem. Have the TV serviced if the problem is not resolved.

common questions

Question: Do Hisense TVs have a reset button?

Responder:Yes, Hisense TVs have a reset button. You can reset it in the "Internal Settings" option. The new models have a physical button on the back. A short press restarts the TV.

Question: Why does the LED backlight fail?

Responder:LED backlight failure is usually due to circuit board damage. Backlight is nothing more than a complex electrical circuit. An overflow of energy or a strong blow can damage it.

Question: How much does it cost to replace the TV backlight?

Responder:Replacing your TV backlight can cost anywhere from $100 to $130. However, this price depends a lot on your TV model. Authorized service centers charge more.


That should solve the problemHisense TV blue light on but no picture. Hope this guide has helped!

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Unplug the television when not in use. This will protect the TV from power surges. Circuit board life is also increased.

Lots of luck!


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