How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (2023)

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel?Some people may not know that their Samsung refrigerator has a front panel.

Here you can change refrigerator settings such as temperature.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (1)

But what if you accidentally pressed a key and changed one of the settings and now you don't know how to fix the problem? Don't worry, we're here to help!

In this post, we are going to show you how to reset the Samsung fridge control panel.

So if you're struggling with incorrect settings, read on to find out how to fix it!

Try this quick fix first.

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VIDEO: How to fix Samsung fridge lock screen reset

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel?

Here are 3 quick ways to reset your Samsung fridge control panel.

  • Unplug your refrigerator (or turn off the power at the breaker) and wait about five minutes for the electrical charge to dissipate. Then turn the device back on.
  • If you need to reset the Family Hub fridge screen, you can use the red button on the top right of the door.
  • Factory reset Family Hub by navigating to Settings, selecting About Family Hub, Factory data reset, and then selecting RESET. Select RESET again when prompted, followed by Erase All Data.

If this doesn't solve the problem, read this article for more details.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (2)

How to tell if your Samsung Ref needs a panel cooler reset?

If your fridge isn't working, you may think the only way to reset it is to reset it. While many of them can take care of themselves in this way, this is not always the case.

I recommend only performing a reset if absolutely necessary! So here are some signs that your Samsung fridge's ice maker needs a reset:

The refrigerator is in storage mode. Refrigerators remain in store mode while in the showroom and sometimes remain in store mode after purchase.

While the lights stay on and everything appears to be working, the compressor is actually off and your Samsung fridge will turn off to indicate this. In this case, no cooling takes place and typical refrigerator functions are interrupted.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (3)

Also, accidentally pressing a button can sometimes put the fridge into buy mode, which you can check by seeing if your Samsung fridge turns off. Whatever the reason, if your fridge is in buy mode, it needs to be reset!

The temperature display is erratic. The temperature gauge may flicker strangely, become erratic, and even fail altogether!

(Video) How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator After a Power Outage and Clear Error Screen

This is just another indication that your fridge needs a reset. An irregular temperature display can have various causes, e.g. B. if the door is open for a long time or does not close properly.

Food that is too hot in the fridge can also wreak havoc on the screen. Therefore, it is generally preferable to allow food to cool completely before placing it in the fridge.

What are error codes and what do they mean? Some Samsung fridges are pretty smart and will notify the user when a reset is needed.

The notification appears as an error message on the display screen.

The following error messages can e.g. B. appear:

  • 5E – This error message indicates that there is a problem with the 8E refrigerator defrost sensor. This alarm alerts you when the ice machine's sensors are not working properly.
  • 14E - This error also indicates whether there is a problem with ice making or not.
  • 22E and 22C - This refrigerator fan problem can occur if the refrigerator door is left open for a long period of time.
  • 33E- An indication that the ice tube heater is not working properly.
  • 39E and 39C- Indicates a problem with refrigerator ice dispensing.
  • 40E & 40C- Indicates whether there is a problem with the ice room fan or not.
  • blinking blue lights and 41 or 42 – This means Family Hub needs to be restarted.
  • 41C- The error indicates that the program is out of date.
  • Flashing Auto-Fill light or 76°C - Check for water spill on bottom of refrigerator (Water filling Auto-Fill compartment)
  • 84C- Due to the temperature increase in the refrigerator, the compressor stopped working.
  • 85C- A low voltage freezing power source
  • 83E, 85E, 86E, or 88 88– Circuit breaker fault
  • All symbols are flashing.- This is not an error message; The refrigerator performs a self-diagnosis.
  • "Ice Off" flashes: The ice bucket has been misplaced.
  • OR OF OR OFF- Indicates the refrigerator is in sales or demonstration mode.
  • PC ER- A sign that there is a problem in the circuit

How to reset a Samsung fridge?

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (4)

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If there are small problems, the fridge will restart itself, but you can do it manually if it doesn't.

reset your __SamsungRefrigeratorIt's easy and there are several options you can try.

The following are the most effective and proven techniques to reset your Samsung fridge:

Your Samsung fridge needs to be reset or hard reset.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (5)

The general hard reset procedure is the same as with any other device; just turn it off and unplug it.

Let the device update and reboot before restarting its function.

To perform a master hard reset, do the following:

  1. turn offRefrigeratorpressing the 'Strengthout of'Taste.
  2. delete thoseRefrigeratorsinceStrengthThose.
  3. allowRefrigeratorAllow 10 to 15 minutes to cool after turning off and unplugging. (Some people also recommend leaving it on for a few hours.)
  4. connect theRefrigeratorin the directionStrengthtake care ofand turn it on.
  5. IsRefrigeratorIt should have been updated, reset, and rebalanced by now.

You can also use the reset button to reset the control panel of your Samsung fridge.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (6)

So, if your refrigerator does not work properly after a power failure, the control panel will help you solve the problem.

Instructions for resetting yourSamsungRefrigerator Control lockPanels are as follows:

  1. Make sure the child lock is activated.
  2. If parental controls are on, turn them off as this will fix any bugs inSwitchboard.
  3. locate orrebootexchange If heSwitchboardit still doesn't work (it's usually present in the top right corner of the port).
  4. Use this switch to turn off the screen.
  5. After a few seconds or minutes, press button 1 again to turn it on.
  6. If herebootis successful, the Samsung logo will appear on the screen.

Get your Samsung fridge out of Store/Demo mode.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (7)

If the fridge is still in storage/demo mode, it needs to be reset or it will not work properly.

Shop mode is activated in the store or showroom as it consumes less energy and is deactivated by shop owners before being passed on to the shopper.

(Video) How-To: DIY - Samsung Fridge Locked Display Reset

Below I have described how to reset a Samsung fridge from demo mode:

  1. Verify that the Cooling LED is flashing.
  2. In this case, look for the two buttons (Strength freezerjStrengthCalled) on the left side of the LCD panel.
  3. Press and hold these buttons simultaneously for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Wait a few seconds after releasing both buttons.
  5. Isrebootis successful when heRefrigeratorno longer displays the message "Cooling down".
  6. If "Cool Down Mode" is still active or displayed, repeat these instructions until the feature is disabled.

Reset the wire harness that connects the connector to the main control unit.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (8)

The wiring harness that connects the refrigerator door to the main control unit can occasionally fail.

A wiring harness fault is causing communication problems and the screen will start flashing with an error code.

In this case, you need to reset your Samsung fridge screen to fix the problem. To reset your Samsung fridge screen using the wiring harness, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off and unplug the power cordRefrigerator.
  2. Check whether the electrical harness is connected or not.
  3. If it has been disconnected, reconnect it.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect if connected.
  5. connect and callRefrigerator.
  6. IsRefrigeratorhe wasreboot, and the issue should be resolved.


How to activate a Samsung fridge

If you turned off your Samsung fridge to manually defrost, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet to turn it back on.

If you want to turn it off using the circuit breaker, make sure to turn it back on before turning on your Samsung fridge.

Not all Samsung fridges have a simple on/off switch. Some of them have this inside, and you can tell if it's on by looking at the interior lights.

If your Samsung fridge won't turn on, try resetting it using the instructions in the next sections of this article.

How to put the water filter back in place.

How to reset Samsung fridge control panel? [Decided!] (9)

Water filters are used to ensure water is clean and safe for consumption.

Samsung refrigerators have built-in water filters, which come in handy when it comes to drinking water.

If your refrigerator's water filter isn't working, you may need to reset it.

Below are the steps to reset the water filter:

  1. IsWaterFilteris placed in the middleRefrigeratorand has a rotating lid.
  2. remove the old oneWaterFilterand replace it with a new one.
  3. Well, depending on the modelRefrigerator,rebootIsfilter indicator.
  4. You have to hold down the alarmagua, or the ice cream flavor buttons for 3 to 5 seconds.
  5. IsWaterFilterstatement of willrebootand the filter starts to work.

How to use a wiring harness to reset a Samsung fridge

Occasionally the display may show an error code indicating a communication problem between the refrigerator door and the main control unit.

This could be a problem with the wiring harness that connects them.

Again, knowing the nature of the problem from the exact error code will help you.

To reset, turn off the device and unplug the power cord. Then make sure the electrical harness is disconnected.

If this is the case, simply reconnect. If it's already there, unplug it and plug it back in. Then plug it in and turn on the fridge. It would have gotten rid of the error code.

(Video) Samsung fridge control panel issue

Here is a video showing you how to check your Samsung fridge wiring harness:

IfStart anewTouchscreen in oneSamsungRefrigerator

To reset the touchscreen on a Samsung fridge, look for a red button on the top of the fridge (hidden behind a small panel on the right door). push is written on the panel). Move the red switch and return it to its original position. Your touchscreen should now be operational.

IfStart anewIsSamsungRefrigerator Temperature

Follow the steps below to reset the temperature of your Samsung fridge.

1. Navigate toSwitchboardor touch screen (SomeSamsungRefrigeratorThe models have their insidesRefrigeratorwhile others have their exhibits outside).

2. Press the buttonRefrigerator Tasteto see the riverTemperature(IsTemperatureranges from 34 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. Keep the button pressedRefrigerator Tasteuntil you get what you wantTemperature. Suppose you want to move upIsTemperatureat 37 degrees and is currently at 35 degrees by pressing the buttonTastebring onceIsTemperatureup to 34 degrees, which is the lowestTemperatureFor theRefrigerator.

when you press the buttonTasteagain while rising to the highest point of 44 degrees at 34 degrees. Then press the buttonTasteagain to move it to 43, and so on until you reach 37.

Note: There are no up or down buttons for the temperature setting, which changes from 44 degrees to 34 degrees and back to 44 degrees.

IfStart anew/ExchangeIsTemperaturefor oneSamsungfreezer

To reset or change the temperature on a Samsung freezer, follow these steps...

Step 1:Locate the control panel.

Depending on the model of your Samsung fridge, it can be internal or external. If it is a model with an internal control panel, make sure that the child lock is deactivated.

Step 2:Decrease the temperature by pressing the Freeze button until the desired temperature is reached. It's worth noting that some freezers require you to hold for about 5 seconds to maintain the set temperature. In addition, the freezing temperature varies from -8 to -7, from -6 to -5, etc., until it reaches 5 degrees and vice versa.

Watch the video below to see how to reset the freezer temperature on a Samsung fridge.

AfterStrengthCut, How can IStart anewMiSamsungRefrigerator?

After a power failure, press the Power Saver and Light buttons for 10 seconds or the Fridge and Freezer buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to restart your Samsung fridge.

In the event of a power failure, your Samsung refrigerator will display error codes 1E and/or SE. Pressing and holding the fridge and freezer buttons will reset the fridge and clear all error codes. However, before restarting the refrigerator, you must first test the lighting and energy saving controls.

How to reset a Samsung Ice Maker after a power outage

Follow these steps to reset your Samsung fridge's ice maker after a power outage...

1. Remove the ice tray from the freezer. If that doesn't work, you'll need to defrost your ice maker first.

(Video) Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting - How to Clear Error Codes, Error List + Samsung Forced Defrost

2. Find the reset button. Take a look to the side. There should be a blue reset button there.

3. Press and hold the reset button until you hear a beep. Your ice machine will then restart.


Resetting your Samsung fridge is a simple process to erase all your fridge settings. You don't have to worry about calling the mechanic for this small task as it only takes a few minutes and you can do it yourself! This blog post has provided everything you need from start to finish, so enjoy your freshly reset fridge!


Can a broken Samsung TV screen be fixed?

If your TV needs repairing, you can hire a Samsung-authorized technician to carry out the on-site repair. It retains its original factory warranty, plus you get a 3-month warranty on all Samsung repairs.

How much does a Samsung flat screen TV repair cost?

Samsung TV repairs typically cost between $75 and $200. For a more accurate cost estimate, contact a local Samsung TV repair professional.

How to reset a Samsung control board?

Turning the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons on and off or pressing and holding resets the control panel. Also, the red switch in the top right door can be used to reset the Family HubTM.

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