iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (2023)

The iPhone mute button is a quick and easy way to put your phone on silent or silent during a meeting, class, or any other situation. So when you try to mute your iPhone and the mute button is not working, it can lead to unwanted issues.

Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem, and that is what this post is all about. Here are 9 effective ways to solve iPhone silent switch not working problem. But before we jump into those solutions, let's first learn what could be the possible cause of this.

Why is the mute button on my iPhone not working?

Normally, you want your iPhone to go silent immediately when you turn off the mute button above the volume rocker. If it doesn't work, then there is a problem and various reasons can lead to this. Some of these possible causes are:

  • hardware problem- Hardware damage may cause the mute button to not work. It could be that the mute button is broken or something else. Apple support can help you here if you're not sure.
  • incorrect settings- You may have unknowingly turned off the volume, which caused the mute button to not work. If you set Do Not Disturb mode, this could also be the cause.
  • Use of old software- Outdated software is likely to cause mute button not working on iPhone. Therefore, an iOS update could solve the problem.
  • Malfunction or system errors- Malware intruders and system errors affect various iPhone functions, including sleep mode.

How to fix silent switch not working on iPhone

1. Check and clean the mute button

As mentioned above, one of the obvious reasons for iPhone silent mode toggle not working is hardware damage. Therefore, you should first check the mute button on your iPhone to make sure it is not damaged. Look around you carefully. If it isn't broken, check if there is anything preventing it from sliding up and down.

Clean it if you find dirt or debris. If it's clean and not stuck, check to see if your phone case has blocked the mute button. If you have a protective film, remove it. Now try turning silent mode on and off to confirm that it works.

2. Use assistive touch

Assistive Touch is a useful feature that you can use to silence your iPhone, especially when the mute button is broken or stuck. It offers several shortcuts that you can use to access and manage various iPhone features. You have to activate it first to use it. OpenIdeas, GonnaGenerally, cliqueAccessibilityand go down toTouch supportand touch to activate it.

A gray circular floating option will appear on the screen. This is Assistive Touch and you can play it when the mute button doesn't work on your iPhone. find themDevicemenu option Touch to accessPeriodPossibility.

Now tap on the Silent option (bell icon) to put your phone in silent mode. Do the same if you need to turn off the sound. In general, Assistive Touch can replace the mute button when it doesn't work.

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iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (1)

3. Lower the ringer volume

You can still mute your iPhone even if the mute button doesn't work. Simply lower the ringer volume to the lowest level, similar to mute. One way is to open it.Ideasand on the way tosounds and sensation.

Now with the slider belowRingtones and notificationsPlease slide the volume down all the way (left side), which should mute your device if you are still facing iPhone mute button not working issue.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (2)

4. Set a silent ringtone

Setting a silent ringtone is another easy way to get the same mute effect when your iPhone's mute button isn't working or is broken.

To do this, openIdeas, Gonnasounds and sensation, then touchtoque. touch thereTon-Shopto find a silent ringtone. Once you have it, set it as your default ringtone.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (3)

5. Reboot your iPhone

A quick reset can clear up software bugs that could be the reason your iPhone silent switch isn't working. The way you reset your iPhone depends on the model of your device.

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If it is iPhone X, 11 or recent model, restart it by pressing the side and volume buttons at the same time. Press and hold the buttons to launch the power slider. When it appears, swipe it to turn off your iPhone. Then turn on the iPhone again.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (4)

Either iPhone SE (2nd generation), 8, 7 or 6, you can restart it by holding the side button for a few seconds to launch the power slider, which you slide to turn off your iPhone. Then press and hold the side button again to turn on the phone.

If it's iPhone SE (1st generation), 5 or earlier model, press and hold the top button to launch the slider, then slide it to turn off iPhone. Now hold the top button to turn it on.

6. Activate airplane mode

You can also use Airplane mode to silence your iPhone. It's a temporary fix for silent switch not working on iPhone but it does. Once you enable airplane mode on your phone, the default network will be automatically disabled. Therefore, you will not receive calls, SMS and other similar notifications.

To enable Airplane mode, go to Control Center by swiping down on your iPhone. Tap the small plane icon in the menu to activate it. You can also enable it in settings.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (5)

7. Turn on Do Not Disturb

Turning on Do Not Disturb mode is another way to silence your iPhone when the mute button has stopped working. OpenIdeas, GonnaFocusand then touchDo not bother. Then tap the button in front of Do Not Disturb.

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iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (6)

8. Set the text tone to none

If you change the text tone to none, your iPhone will receive notifications in the background. However, if anything else is set to the text tone, it will override the silent mode of your iPhone.

So make sure it is set to None if your iPhone silent mode is not working. to startIdeas, Gonnasounds and sensationand scroll down toTextton(under Sound and Vibration Patterns). Confirm when setnone. If not, click on it, go to Alert Tones and hit None.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (7)

9. Fix iOS system without data loss

Lastly, you can use an iOS repair tool if nothing happens after trying the above methods. The cause is likely to be a software glitch that can only be fixed by a professional tool like this one.FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. You can easily fix iPhone mute button not working software issues without data loss. Also, it can work with all iPhone models including iPhone 14/13 running iOS 16/15.

Repara iPhone con FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

Paso 1: Install FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your computer after downloading it.

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paso 2: Run the program. Once open, select "Standard Mode". Then connect the iPhone you want to repair to the computer using the original USB cable.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (10)

stage 3: When the FoneGeek software detects the iPhone, you can select the iOS package that matches your iPhone model and click "Download". The program will automatically start downloading the firmware package.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (11)

stage 4: After the download is complete, click "Fix Now" once the iOS firmware has been verified. From there, the program will start the repair process to fix your iPhone.

iPhone mute switch not working? Check 9 fixes here (12)

The repair process should take a few minutes. The mute switch on your iPhone should now work if the entire process is complete.

the end turned out

These are simple yet effective ways to solve your iPhone mute switch not working problem. All of them can work if you try them. However, we recommend usingFoneGeek iOS System RecoveryIf the problem persists. It fixes the software problem that is causing it and many other faults found on iPhone/iPad.

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