No Ice in Samsung Refrigerator [How to Fix] (2023)

There's no ice in your Samsung fridge and you don't know what to do? This article describes how to fix this problem quickly and easily.

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No Ice on Samsung Fridge - Quick Fix

If a Samsung fridge isn't making ice, check the ice maker. Here's what you need to do to fix the problem:

1. Make sure the icemaker is turned on.

The icon labeled Ice Off should not illuminate when the ice machine is on. So if it is on, it means the ice maker is off. To change, see the refrigerator's instruction manual.

For refrigerators with a freezer compartment on top, you will see a symbol labeled Ice On. It must be on when the ice maker is making ice in the refrigerator.

2. Make sure the water pressure is sufficient

If the water pressure is low, the ice maker will not receive water from the inlet valve. As a result, the refrigerator cannot supply ice.

To determine if the pressure is sufficient, try pouring water into a ¾ full glass within 10 seconds. Being able to do this means that the pressure is sufficient.

If not, adjust the pressure to increase it. If you're not sure how to do this, ask a plumber or refrigerator repair service to fix the problem for you.

(Video) Samsung Refrigerator - No Ice Production - Diagnostic & Repair

You can also check the water filter. A clogged filter affects the water pressure. If you haven't changed the filter for more than 6 months, it could cause a water pressure problem. Then change it.

And if you changed it recently but it's the wrong type of filter or wrongly positioned, use the right type and make sure you put it in correctly. The owner's manual contains instructions on how to replace the filter.

3. Make sure there is ice in the bucket

If there is no ice in the ice bucket, the cool box cannot dispense ice. So check the ice bucket to make sure there is ice in it.

If none exist, set the ice machine to make ice. But if there is ice in the bucket, but the refrigerator does not dispense, then there is a problem with the dispenser.

for. Is the tray correct?

Make sure the ice cube is properly placed in the fridge. Otherwise the motor pushing the ice will not connect to the bucket. Therefore, even if the engine is running to remove the ice, there will be no ice.

Is the dispenser opening clogged?

Ice or dirt can block the dispenser opening and prevent ice from flowing out. If you are unsure, pour some water through the opening. It should clear everything in the way. When the water is free and clear, empty the ice bucket and dry it completely before replacing it.

B. Is the child lock on?

The child lock prevents the dispenser from working. When it's on, the lock icon will light up. On some models there is a dispenser lock that locks the dispenser.

To disable any of the locks, refer to the refrigerator's owner's manual for instructions to follow.

C. Is the electrical harness properly connected?

If you've already removed the refrigerator door and the appliance hasn't dispensed ice since then, the wiring may be badly connected. If you cannot hear the auger motor trying to dispense ice, also check the wiring.

(Video) Samsung Ice Maker not making Ice? Here is a quick fix video for any side-by-side fridge.

For steps to repair the wiring, refer to your refrigerator's owner's manual to follow the instructions.

No Ice in Samsung Refrigerator [How to Fix] (2)

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4. Restart or test the ice machine

If there is no ice in your Samsung fridge, check your fridge manual to locate the test or reset button on your Samsung fridge model. When you find the button, hold it down for about 10 seconds or until you hear a beep.

This buzzer indicates the start of the ice machine test and the test lasts approximately 6 minutes. The ice should fall into the ice bucket as the water valve fills the icemaker with water. This shows that the ice machine is in good condition.

When the test cycle is successfully completed, another beep will sound to indicate this. This way you will know that the ice machine has been successfully reset.

However, if there is no beep when you press and hold the test button or there is no beep at the end of the cycle, disconnect power to the refrigerator. Wait about 2 minutes before turning the refrigerator back on.

If no error code appears on the screen, try running the test or resetting the cycle again. If the buzzer still does not sound, report the problem to Samsung Customer Service Center and request service.

Use:After restarting the ice machine, allow the refrigerator approximately 24 hours to resume normal ice making. You will know when the ice maker has made at least 2 bowls of ice in 3 hours.

This does not mean that the ice machine will not produce ice during this time. However, be sure to drop off the ice frequently so the cool box doesn't get too full. Otherwise, the machine will interpret that the bucket is full and stop making ice.

(Video) Ice Maker Not Working on Samsung Refrigerator - Check these 8 Things to Get it Working Again

If there is still no ice after this time, please report the problem to Samsung Support Center immediately.

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Samsung Ice Maker gives water: what to do

If your Samsung fridge's ice maker only produces water and no ice, do the following:

1. Make sure there is ice

The ice machine may not have ice to fill the ice bucket. This means the icemaker is not making ice.

(Video) Samsung Ice Maker Not Working - How to Repair & Replace EVERYTHING

2. Make sure you select Ice Cream

But if there is ice in the ice maker or ice bucket but you only get water, make sure you select ice. Sometimes when you select ice on the panel, you can accidentally select water.

If you choose ice, switch from ice cubes to crushed ice and try to spend both types. This should tell you if the problem is the ice dispenser.

3. Check the wiring harness

If the dispenser wiring harness and control panel are connected incorrectly, the dispenser will not be able to dispense anything. The wiring harness is located above the left refrigerator door.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws that secure the door hinge cover. Then disconnect and reconnect the headgear to make sure it's secure this time. Reinstall the door hinge cover and reinstall the screws.

The instructions in the user manual will show you how to do this.

If all the above measures do not solve the ice maker water dispenser problem, please contact Samsung service center for assistance.

Use:Samsung RS22T and RS27T refrigerator models usually have 2 water pipes. If you cross them, the ice and water dispenser functions will not work properly. So if you have one of these models, check your plumbing to see if the dispenser has had this issue since installation or has never worked.


If there is no ice in a Samsung refrigerator, check if the ice maker is working properly. And make sure the water gets into the fridge.

Also ask for Samsung service if you are unsure how to solve the problem, especially if there is an active warranty. Alternatively, contact one of our professional technicians for assistance.


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