Problems with a Samsung Ice Maker [How to Fix] (2023)

Various problems can occur with a Samsung ice maker, such as: B. no ice or malformed ice cubes. Hence, in this article, we have discussed how to fix these issues.

Problems with a Samsung Ice Maker [How to Fix] (1)

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Problems with an ice machine on Samsung fridge: solutions

Here are the problems a Samsung fridge ice maker can have, regardless of fridge model, and what to do about it:

Sem gelo tun Samsung Ice Maker

Here's what to check if a Samsung ice maker isn't making ice:

1. Is there ice in the ice bucket?

Open or remove the ice bucket to see if there is ice inside. This will let you know if the ice maker is working.

To remove the ice cube, lift and lift a little while pulling out. However, this depends on the type of ice cream machine you have. Consult your refrigerator manual to determine how to remove the ice bucket.

If you have ice, the ice machine will still work, only the dispenser will not dispense ice.

But if there's no ice in the bucket, check a few other things to make sure the ice maker is working properly.

2. Is the icemaker turned on?

Take a look at the refrigerator control panel. You will see an icon called Ice Off. If your fridge is a top freezer, see Ice On.

If you see Ice off, make sure it's not on; If so, the ice machine is off and not making ice. Read the instructions in the user guide to learn how to change the icon's power state.

However, if you see Ice On and it's not on, follow the instructions in the owner's manual to change the status to On to allow the ice maker to run.

3. Is the water pressure sufficient?

Try pouring water into a glass for about 10 seconds. If the pressure is right, you will reach ¾ of the cup in this time.

However, if your fridge doesn't have a dispenser, get water straight from the tap.

If you don't get that amount of water in 10 seconds, the pressure is too low. One of the reasons for this is that the water filter is clogged.

(Video) Ice Maker Not Working on Samsung Refrigerator - Check these 8 Things to Get it Working Again

Therefore, replace the water filter, especially if you have never changed it. Follow the steps in your owner's manual to replace a water filter.

If that corrects the pressure, you know the filter was the culprit. However, if the pressure remains unchanged, then you need to increase it at the water source. Contact a qualified plumber to fix this for you.

4. Did you reset the ice machine?

To reset the machine, locate the test or reset button on the ice machine body. Press and hold for about 10 seconds or until you hear a beep.

The buzzer signals the start of the test. This test verifies that the ice machine is in good operating condition. After 6 minutes the test ends and a second beep sounds. This second one says the ice machine is working fine.

In this way you restart the machine.

Allow approximately 24 hours for the ice machine to return to normal operation. Within that time it will freeze, but not as it should. After 24 hours you can see if the machine is working properly.

It is important to distribute the ice so that the cuvette does not fill up. This is because the ice machine will not produce more ice when the bucket is full or when the ice stacks are too high.

Use:If the second tone does not sound after the test, unplug the device, wait about 2 minutes, and then plug it back in. Then press the test button to run the cycle again. If the bell still doesn't ring, report the issue to Samsung as soon as possible.

Not enough ice from Samsung Ice Maker

Here's what to check if a Samsung ice maker isn't making enough ice:

1. Is there ice in the ice bucket?

Take out the ice bucket to see if there is ice in it. If so, empty it and put the bucket back in place. Afterwards, distribute ice regularly so that the bucket does not fill up.

If there is too much ice in the bin, the ice maker will detect this and stop making more ice until you empty the bin. The same happens when too much ice accumulates in the bucket, even if it's not full.

If the bucket is not full and you don't want to use the ice, you can move the ice in the bucket to the front. This is to leave room for the ice machine to make more ice.

2. Is the water pressure sufficient?

Determine the pressure by trying to dispense ¾ cup of water in 10 seconds. If the refrigerator is not equipped with a dispenser, dispense directly from the water line.

If you get the water in 10 seconds, the pressure is sufficient. But if it lasts more than 10 seconds, check the water filter. Remove and redistribute water. When the pressure improves, obtain a compatible water filter replacement and replace the existing one.

However, if the pressure remains the same even after removing the filter, contact a plumber and increase the pressure of the water source.

3. Is the fridge level?

A flush cooler means that the front of the device is slightly higher than the back. Get this right and you'll solve quite a few problems with your refrigerator, including repairing an ice maker.

If you are unsure how to level the refrigerator, refer to your user manual or contact Samsung for assistance.

(Video) Samsung Ice Maker Not Working - How to Repair & Replace EVERYTHING

4. Are the doors tightly closed?

A Samsung ice maker works with the temperature in the freezer. And the temperature will be affected when the doors are open. A refrigerator with optimized freezing performance produces more and better ice cubes.

So make sure you close the doors properly and the seals work well. This contributes to the smooth functioning of the ice machine. Otherwise little or no ice will come out of the machine.

This is one of the problems with a Samsung ice maker.

Use:If your fridge is displaying an error code associated with your ice maker, find out what it means and how to fix it.

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Small, clumped, dirty, or cloudy ice from a Samsung ice maker

How to check if a Samsung ice maker is making small, lumpy, dirty, or cloudy ice:

1. Small ice cream

Make sure the water pressure is sufficient. You should be able to pour ¾ glass of water in 10 seconds. But if not, remove the water filter and try again.

If the pressure corrects, replace the water filter with a suitable one. If the pressure stays the same, check the water supply line for kinks. Twists reduce water pressure.

You can also fully open the water inlet valve and try dispensing water again. If nothing changes, contact a qualified plumber to increase the water supply pressure.

2. Agglomerated Ice

Distribute the ice evenly in the ice bucket to prevent it from melting or pooling. If you don't need a lot of ice, stop production manually or turn off the ice machine.

(Video) Samsung Ice Maker Freezing Over - Complete Repair

It is difficult for a dispenser to dispense crushed or melted ice. And the ice maker sees the ice bucket full when there are chunks of ice. This will stop making ice.

3. Dirty Ice

Check the water filter, ice bin, and ice machine water supply if you dispensed dirty ice.

If the water filter is damaged or clogged, it cannot filter the water entering the icemaker. Consequently, if the water is dirty, the ice can come out dirty. Replace the filter if you find any damage or if you need to replace it.

Even if the ice bucket is cracked or damaged, dirt easily sticks to the ice inside. And the dirt would easily settle in the bucket. This would make the ice dirty. Therefore, replace the ice bucket with the correct type for the particular refrigerator model.

Also, if the spring water is contaminated for some reason, the ice can get dirty. Call a plumber to solve the problem at the source, or call the agency responsible for your water supply and report the problem.

4. Cloudy ice

Cloudy ice is normal. The reason for the cloudiness is due to the freezing technology, which is fast. When water freezes, it retains minerals, nitrogen, and oxygen in small amounts. These, although harmless to the human organism, give the ice a cloudy appearance.

You should be concerned if the ice has a brownish or yellowish tint. It is important to report the issue to Samsung as soon as possible.

Use:If there is ice in the ice bucket, the ice cubes may come out cold or muddy. So make sure there is no ice in the bucket by checking it for cracks and its seal.

Ice Bucket is stuck in a Samsung ice cream maker

If you have a regular ice bucket, hold it on the bottom, lift it up a bit and pull it out. If it sticks, give it a little shake while removing it. But do it carefully.

Ice cubes can be difficult to remove. If you don't know how to do this, you might think you're stuck.

However, if the ice cube freezes in place, put the refrigerator in forced defrost mode to see if that helps. If this does not thaw the ice, manually thaw the unit.

Then look for white threads hanging from the ice maker. If not, freezing may have occurred as a result of water pollution. However, if this is the case, contact Samsung service center immediately.

Samsung ice machine is frozen

This is a very unusual event. So if there is a layer of ice on the ice maker, contact Samsung immediately to report the problem and request customer service.

Family Hub refrigerator users should not experience this issue. This is because Samsung has a firmware update that prevents this from happening. And when that happens, the update solves it.

Just make sure you connect the drive to SmartThings and it will update automatically.

A frozen ice maker is another common Samsung ice maker issue that you will come across.

In general, here is a video that describes how to repair a Samsung ice cream maker ...

(Video) Permanently stop your Samsung French door refrigerator from freezing and icing up - Super Cheap Fix!

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Crushed ice from a Samsung ice machine

Check the freezer temperature to see your setting. Do this even when the icemaker is in the refrigerator compartment. Because the temperature in the freezer determines how cold the fridge is at the moment.

So if it's too cold, the ice cream will break when you take it out of the mold. Low temperatures make it too brittle to stay in one piece.

Set the freezing temperature a little higher. That should solve the problem.

There is also a possibility that the ice maker is not working properly. Therefore, make sure that the dispensing area of ​​the dispenser is in the correct position.

It must be open for ice cubes. And for crushed ice it has to be closed. If selecting ice cubes keeps the range closed or selecting crushed ice keeps the range open, check the drive shaft.

You can see it on the side of the ice machine below. Move it while looking at the download area. It should close and open with the movement of the rod. If not, inform Samsung and request customer service.

You can also choose one of our independent agents with the knowledge and experience to solve your problem.


If you are having problems with a Samsung ice maker, troubleshoot and fix your device by following the steps in this article. You will find that most ice maker problems will be corrected even with a reset.

(Video) Samsung refrigerator ice maker freezing up issue finally FIXED!!!

It is important to turn off the refrigerator before repairing the icemaker. You can turn off the breaker in that part of the house when you can't reach the outlet to unplug the unit. This will prevent accidental electric shock.

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Why is my Samsung ice maker not making enough ice? ›

If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame. When the ice maker makes small, cloudy, or clumped ice, it could be something as simple as a dirty water filter, low water pressure, or high mineral deposits in your water.

How do I reset my Samsung Ice Maker? ›

Resetting your ice maker isn't something you'll typically need to do very often.
To reset your ice maker:
  1. Remove your ice bucket so you can get to your ice maker.
  2. Locate the test button. ...
  3. Press and hold the button until you hear a chime indicating that the test is starting.

Did Samsung ever fix ice maker problems? › and other sources say Samsung has done nothing to help owners with their ice maker problems, including failure to issue a recall or to repair ore replace the refrigerators.

How do you fix a frozen ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator? ›

Here's how to do a forced defrost of your ice maker:
  1. Find and press the “power freeze” and “lighting” buttons. ...
  2. Hold both buttons down for five seconds.
  3. Next, press the “lighting” button until it brings up “fd.” Your appliance will then go into forced defrost mode.
  4. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the cycle to end.
Dec 5, 2022

Why does my Samsung refrigerator have water but no ice? ›

A Samsung refrigerator not making ice due to water pressure issues may have a clogged filter. Changing the filter can improve pressure and should be done every 6 months to prevent clogs. We recommend that every time you change the filter, you also clean your ice maker as part of regular maintenance.


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